“We solve problems for society by design, creativity and innovation.”

DaDeDo is a creative communication agency where local insights from Arab culture & Muslim
communities’ meet global standards in creative communication, design and content development.
We carry a vast portfolio of 25 years experience in serving 2 main sectors:

– Youth empowerment

– Socio-economic & cultural development

To be the leading creative communication agency for Muslim communities and Arabic culture; especially, in the field of Youth empowerment and socio-economic & cultural development.
  • To establish mastery over Arab culture & Muslim communities’ creative communication.
  • To contribute uniquely and significantly to youth empowerment and socio-economic & cultural development around the world.
  • To expand our reach in global markets by helping local and regional brands develop culture-sensitive communication to their audience.
  • To achieve and sustain a consistent profit growth & strong brand awareness & affinity.
  • To offer prime value to our shareholders, employees and community.
  1. Peak State Performance
  2. All Rounded Excellence
  3. Value Added Services
  4. Passion for what we do
  5. Intelligent Creativity
  6. Relationship Continuity
  7. Culturally Sensitive
  • Specialisation

Investing considerably in growing local insights; DaDeDo specializes in fields of Youth Empowerment, Socio-Economic & Cultural development.Our portfolio provides a vast number of examples under this category.The rapidly growing region of the GCC stresses the demand for more innovation in socio-economic and cultural development. To many of the reform and development projects that are launched in the region, the knowledge book hasn’t been written yet. There is a need for a “consultant-marketing agency hybrid” who can write the book based on deep social and cultural insights, structure the program and communicate it effectively.

We specialize in developing and implementing integrated programs focusing on socio-economic transformation and cultural enrichment projects in the region.We partner with government organizations and socially responsible private organizations that champion social and cultural causes as well as human capital development.We have also worked on many youth related projects which have helped us gain great experience and knowledge on the best communication techniques and methods for youth motivation.We are the “local Arab agency”; public engagement and participation towards positive change in our societies is but our daily labor of love.

our value to you


Unique and effective methodologies built on decades of experience.


Specialization in youth motivation, socio-economic & culture development.


Deep culture insides.


Innovative strategies.

world class

Integrated up to date world class services.


Efficient & responsive client servicing.

Proudly serving the Gulf for 25 years!

  • Our Clients

Our clients are some of the bravest marketers in the region. They often work behind the scene. but they are the driving force of the modern renaissance of the region, with a genuine concern for the socio economic and cultural well-being of their people. And they want to create magical work that can inspire culture, stimulate passion, and empower experiences.DaDeDo reflects this drive and passion of our clients. We consider our clients as partners who, like us, want to transcend the ordinary.Here are a few of our partners whom we call the “Transcending Innovators” of the region:

  • Management Team

Zainab Al-Hassan
May Neama
Account Director

Faeq Alolaiwat CEO/Founder

Fa’eq Al Olaiwat is a pioneer brand architect and creative director in the region. He is a creative strategist, entrepreneur and one of the region’s leading public intellectuals on creative communication, design innovation & organizational culture.Fa’eq Al Olaiwat is the founder of DaDeDo and is also the founder of Olaiwat Creative strategies & learning.

Mr. Al Olaiwat has been the author of many brands and branding strategies in the region. His typical contribution to a marketing project includes designing a research campaign, development of a visionary brand strategy, a business model to support it, a marketing & communication strategy to carry it through and an integrated creative campaign to launch it.When it comes to organizational culture, Mr. Al Olaiwat strategized and directed cultural development programs for major organizations such as Qatar Foundation for Social works, Department of Economic Development of Dubai, among others. He has also co-developed the work ethics communication program & curriculum for Tamkeen that is being taught in all government schools in Bahrain.

With this strategic and creative fuel, he played a key role in supporting organizations around the region such as Tamkeen, Qatar Foundation, Department of Economic Development of Dubai, Qatar Social, ADNOC, Oman Rail, Nama, QBIC, Etisalat, Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA), Bahrain Polytechnic and many other major brands.Mr. Al Olaiwat also helped many start-ups & SMEs around the gulf to innovate their business and communication strategies and achieve remarkable success during his 25 years journey in design, branding, advertising, digital communication, film making, publishing, & branded entertainment and content.

Widely acknowledged as an industry-leading pioneer, Mr. Al Olaiwat started in 1992 the first 3D Animation and post production company in the region, MadinaB. He designed the first website in Bahrain (for Batelco), established the first electronically published magazine in Bahrain, co-founded ePromoseven in year 2000, the first web branding and marketing agency in the region, operating in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Mr. Al Olaiwat’s added value to any business culture & communication project, stems from his broad and deep cultural background (Western, modern, Arabic, Arts) and a gifted balance between strategy, creativity and technology. He has extensive engagement experience across most industries but has primary specialization in socio-economic sectors & youth development sectors.

Currently, Mr. Al Olaiwat serves as:

  • Member in the Sectors Advisory Committee of Tamkeen, Bahrain,
  • Chairman of the Curriculum Advisory Board of the Visual Design Department of Bahrain Polytechnic.
  • Member of Entrepreneurs Organization (Bahrain Chapter) & ex-board member.
  • External examiner at Royal University for Women (RUW), Bahrain.
  • Member of the International Advertising Association, a global network that comprises of 4,000 members and 56 Chapters, within 76 countries.

Zainab Al-Hassan COO/Partner

Zainab Al-Hassan is the Chief Operating Officer of DaDeDo, leading the business operations, business development and the development of client relationships of the agency. She has more than 10 years of experience and has been instrumental in the expansion and growth of the operation around the region.

Zainab is the first Arab woman to enroll for the world-acclaimed Executive MBA in Creative Leadership from the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. Her background as a Graphic Designer further complements her creative instincts that are deeply rooted in the culture of the region.

May Neama Account Director

May Neama is the Account Director of DaDeDo, leading the client servicing team for the past three years. She has over seven years of experience managing multi-million dollar accounts for regional clients such as Qatar Foundation, Qatar Social, ADNOC, and Tamkeen. Her expertise in the marketing field extends to over ten years.

May has been a key player in the execution of complex projects such large events & unconventional communication solutions, which were customized uniquely to her clients. May enjoys transforming ideas on paper and creating a reality out of them. Her mission is to continuously inspire her team to deliver the best in service leadership and achieve clients growth objectives. She has studied graduated from TCU with a Bachelor degree in Marketing and an emphasis on Leadership.

  • Our Partner

Olaiwat is an innovation activation consultancy that specializes in the innovation of business models, brands, culture and customer experiences. Founded & lead by Fa’eq AlOlaiwat, a pioneer designer, innovation architect, creative director and brands architect with more than 25 years experience in the fields of creative communication & innovation. We help entrepreneurs and executive leaders of corporations gain the inspiration, knowledge, strategies and tools they need to create innovative and competitive brands in todays dynamic world of innovation.
We offer two primary services:

  • Enterprise Innovation Consultancy
  • Learn & nnovate® Experiences

Know more about Olaiwat: www.olaiwat.com

  • Our Network

DaDeDo is a member of thenetworkone, the biggest network of independent agencies in the world. This strategic relationship will open up opportunities to work with international clients and strengthen our capabilities to launch international campaigns. Today’s diverse multi-channel, cross discipline communications environment often means a wide range of services are required to successfully complete an assignment. With thenetworkone, we can hook up with international agencies with diverse disciplines, and thus offer a wide range of advantages for our clients.

Across both traditional and new media, the agency can now create and manage international marketing and communications campaigns. This custom-built international agency network is faster, more flexible, more creative and more cost effective than a traditional agency network!


(Head Quarters)

Office 72, 5th floor, Al Raya Building,

Blg. 1024, Road 3621, Block 426,

Seef District, Kingdom of Bahrain.

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Nr Park Arjan Hotel

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Sultanate of Oman

All queries & requirements are received through the HQ contacts below:

T: (+973) 17 277 181 F: (+973) 17 256 829 E: Zainab@dadedo.com E: info@dadedo.com

“It’s not enough to Do; let’s DaDeDo”
Incase you’re wondering, like everyone else who asked us
As we grow from local and regional agency and approach a global community of many cultures and languages; we felt the need to develop a word with a universal connection power. A word that communicates creativity, emotional connection with a sense of humor, and invites us all to go beyond the conventional and excite the world. So…it’s not enough to Do; let’s DaDeDo!