Covid-19 Times: The opportunity of a forced disruption

Since the possible global event that annihilated the dinosaurs and the great flood of profit Noah, mankind never witnessed a sudden major global disruption event such as Covid-19 Pandemic.

The health and death issues of the disease maybe in the forefront of news headlines, but the pandemic is still much less fatal than many other global causes of death, such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, medical mistreatments among many other killers that harvest millions of lives every year. It will eventually decline and fear of Covid-19 health hazards will dissipate. But the disruption that is happening to the way we live and work today, may leave us with lasting changes in behavior and lifestyle.

In a matter of 3 months, the world have been flipped upside down. Most of us are on lockdown and working from home. This pandemic has the potential to drive significant business and operational impact on our organizations and their employees. Furthermore, we are starting to get accustomed to connecting with our colleagues online, presenting, collaborating and solving problems, which presents a host of opportunities for communication efficiency and effectiveness.

It is critical for us now more than ever to establish our communications infrastructure with our employees. Brand affinity, communication plans, channels and processes that we invest in at this stage and develop according to international best practices will set the precedence for the future of our employee engagement during and post coved-19 crisis.

Starting to connect with employees to provide timely and accurate information is absolutely essential now and always:
– Stating the facts from trusted sources
– Demystifying the fear, communicating a sense of safety and security
– Providing clear instructions about what to do in various situations, such work-from-home policies or promoting safe travel policies.
– Assuring the employees that the company is in charge and has a plan.

These are all key measures that not only will ensure minimal work disruption, but will also promote long term employee engagement and loyalty.