Why do you need an Internal Communication & Culture Transformation Agency?

The purpose of internal communication is to ensure that everybody in the organization has the information they need to work towards, and eventually achieve, a common goal. DaDeDo helps organizations strategize, plan and achieve their internal communication goals. But we go much further than that…

DaDeDo supports organizational leaders in developing an intentional organizational culture by strategizing and implanting an employee engagement framework, designing and manifesting a unique employee experience and insuring that your internal communication activities are aligned with these strategic objectives.

In summary, DaDeDo supports large organizations and communities in:

  • Understanding and mapping their endemic cultures…
  • Aligning it with leadership vision…
  • Through a high-performance culture, that is:
    • Intentionally designed
    • Inspirationally communicated
    • Experientially implemented
  • Utilizing:
    • State of the art, Design Thinking based strategies, methods and tools
    • Strategically authored and creatively produced content
    • Engaging and innovative employee experience

What happens beyond the logo, the graphic device and a hundred pages guidelines manual? How can brands stand out in a world exploding with brand colors, messages and innovative media ideas, all begging for the consumer’s attention whose numb because of all the extravaganza and too busy tweeting?

Brands are continuously finding it difficult to establish meaningful connections with their consumers.

Our strategic brand development methodology is fueled by deep socio-economic and cultural insights to ensure we develop brands that stand out in their cultural relevance and positioning.

We innovated new strategic tools such as brand culture and motifs that we implement across existing and new innovative touch points using latest communication vehicles and technologies. We help organizations build and sustain a creative brand culture.

In today’s competitive marketplace, design is the key differentiator of brands. Our multidisciplinary design team in graphic, communication, packaging, environment, digital and product design ensure that your touch points, services, spaces, and interactive experiences establish the ultimate connection with your customers.

  • Internal communication plans
  • Communication Strategy Sprint
  • Communication Audit
  • Focus groups/interviews
  • Standards & guidelines
  • Surveys
  • Onboarding and new employee orientation
  • Benefits communication
  • Compensation
  • Competencies
  • Handbooks/policies
  • Learning & development
  • Crisis communication and reputation management
  • Corporate anniversaries and celebrations
  • Performance management
  • Awareness Communication
  • Recognition Communication
  • Recruiting Communication
  • Purpose, Vision, Mission & Values Statements & Communication
  • Happiness & Wellness
  • Corporate & Employee Events
  • HR and IT software and systems implementations
  • Newsletters
  • Employer Brand Strategy & Communication
  • Social Media Content & Management
  • Crisis Management Communication
  • Employer value proposition and recruiting
  • Corporate social responsibility and employee brandbassador programs
  • C-suite positioning and executive visibility
  • Employee engagement Program
  • Culture merging and assimilation
  • Corporate and functional restructurings
  • Operational change management initiatives
  • Culture Mapping, Design & Prototyping
  • Culture Champions Development
  • Employee Experience Design & Activation
  • Integrated Employee Lifecycle Experience Development
  • Design Sprint Planning & Facilitation
  • Advertising
  • Infographics
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video Production
  • Internal Branding/Style Guides
  • Presentations
  • Print Design
  • Environment Design
  • Copywriting and scripting
  • Editorial management
  • Events/Town halls/Meetings/Workshops Planning &Facilitation
  • Photography
  • Gamification
  • Training and corporate learning initiatives
  • Team development programs
  • leadership development programs
  • Management coaching and activation
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Value Proposition Innovation
  • Team Alignment
  • Design Series
  • Digital Strategy
  • Media and Buying
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Mobile iOS & Android Applications
  • UI & UX Design Development
  • Social Media Content & Management
  • Analytics